NEW BAND: Le Galaxie (fresh electro beats from the emerald isle)

You guys, this is the very first band recommendation (sent via a homie in Ireland) for coco stereo. (Exciting!)

Le Galaxie is a fresh electronic band hailing from, of course, Dublin, Ireland.  Ireland never ceases to amaze, as it’s such a tiny country, yet produces and possesses some of the greatest literary and musical talents in the world. And regardless of its economic ups and downs, fresh music consistently flows from the Emerald Isle at alarming rates. I may be biased as I used to live in Dublin, but the Irish are also the friendliest, wittiest and most charming humans on the planet. Fresh jams, sweet beats and addictive electro-pop seeping from Ireland’s seams comes as no surprise.

Le Galaxie is comprised of  four Irish bros with sweet moves and an affinity for wearing US Prez masks – I dig the look. They recently released (July 13th) an EP Fade 2 Forever (found on bandcamp here). The sound is an electro-pop, trance-techno-fest with a sprinkling of 80s and 90s throwbacks. Their 2011 album Laserdisc Nights 2 is also available to download for FREE on bandcamp. Find ’em on Soundcloud and Twitter too.

Le Galaxie – Love System (feat. Elaine Mai)

Le  Galaxie – Midnight Midnight

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