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Hype-Worthy! New Sexy Electro R&B Jam: Black Atlass – Blossom

Black AtlassEveryone could use more sexy, bouncin’, electro-hinged R&B music in his/her life – Thank you Black Atlass for fulfilling this! Alex Fleming aka Black Atlass is a 19-year-old Montreal-hailing experimental R&B producer with smooth vibes and a talent for producing sultry songs. Autre Ne Veut fans rejoice!

The singer-songwriter made waves back in 2012 with his sultry, atmospheric debut single, “Paris” which was plucked up and featured in a Louis Vuitton + Marc Jacobs Ad. Now back from his whirlwind 2013 Euro tour with Woodkid, Black Atlass has recently released an insanely addictive tune, “Blossom.” The track can found on his 6-track EP, Young Bloods, due out February 18th, via Fool’s Gold Records. If you’re headed to Austin all too soon, keep Black Atlass on your SXSW radar. Enjoy:

Black Atlass – Blossom

Black Atlass – Paris

Hype-Worthy! Fresh NEW Indie-Rock Video: The Holidays – Voices Drifting

The HolidaysThe Holidays is a 4-piece indie-rock group hailing from the depths of Sydney, OZ. The group released their debut album, Post Paradise, in 2010, which thrust them into the indie-rock limelight, donning them with a plethora of positive reviews, nominations and awards. However, the second time around, frontman Simon Jones didn’t want to write another record containing the same sound as their successful debut. In an attempt to write The Holidays‘ second album, (due out sometime in early 2014) Jones told the Herald Sun, “I nearly went mad, I went to Tokyo to recalibrate and find a new sound,” he says. “I loved the sound of the Lost in Translation soundtrack, that’s why I went there. It was a mass of humanity and I was amongst millions of people I couldn’t really speak to. That helped with finding the new sound.”

The Holidays‘ latest and recently released track, “Voices Drifting” is indicative and a first glimpse into the group’s new groove – one that’s already creating big buzz amongst the blogosphere. “It’s a combination of disparate elements, blankets of fuzz, really ethereal pretty sounds, choir voices, angelic female voices, it’s heavy but it’s not,” says Jones. “It would have been too easy to do another summery bongos record. I like making life hard.”

Luckily for us, The Holidays also just released their official video for the addictive rock song, “Voices Drifting,” one in which Jones nearly drowned in an attempt to make the video in one take. “The idea was that I would perform the song underwater in one breath, but if I couldn’t last the duration the concept kinda falls apart – so the pressure was on. I spent weeks practicing by slowing down my heart rate and singing the song with my head in a bucket of water. We shot about 15 aborted takes and it was getting very frustrating for everybody, in the end I resolved to stay under even if I ran out of breath, you might be able to see this happens at the end of the 2nd verse… it was extremely uncomfortable but I didn’t drown, we got one full take and that’s the clip!” says Jones. Enjoy!

Listen to NEW Hype-Worthy Electrotastic Band: Nothankyou

NothankyouThere’s a new hype-worthy electrostatic synth pop band worth getting giddy over y’all! So who are they, and what’s their deal?

Nothankyou is a new project/collaboration consisting of indie-popper Tom Vek, and Dirty Projectors’ Olga Bell (also formerly from Chairlift) Whadda combo! According to Moshi Moshi Records, to which the duo is signed to, Vek and Bell, “met” on Myspace several years ago when, as Vek explains was “a window of about a week when I was speaking to people over social media.” The two kept in contact through out the years, but “eventually, inevitably, they found themselves at the same Creators Project party in Brazil.” Funny, I inevitably and randomly run into people at parties in Brazil all the time too! The result of the two is pure bliss in electro-pop form.

The pair recently released two gems, “Know Yourself” and “Oyster” which will be released August 5th as a limited edition 7″ vinyl and download. If you’re eager for even more of Nothankyou’s addicting sound, the duo states “…more may come, especially if you are polite and firm.” Until then, have at it! Stream “Know Yourself” and “Oyster” below – Yesthankyou!

Nothankyou – Oyster

Nothankyou – Know Yourself

Hype-Worthy! Meet: Jackson Scott – That (anything but) Awful Sound

Jackson ScottWant something to be thoroughly addicted to? Meet: Jackson Scott. He’s a “scrappy indie-pop” 4-track recording, guitar jammin’ singer/songwriter hailing from Asheville, North Carolina. He reminds me of a child-like Elliott Smith meets Mac DeMarco meets Atlas Sound – An amazing trifecta of sound all rolled into one. I also get a hint of Daniel Johnston… maybe it’s the basement home recording and creepy kid piano tones.

When looking for info about Jackson Scott, there’s not much to go off of except a simple Tumblr, containing all of one photo, and a SoundCloud page donning three tracks: “Evie,” “That Awful Sound,” and “Sandy.” According to this post and convo Scott had with PORTALS, we at least know he’s a (kind of ) a college student: “I haven’t been going to college since last spring because my parents wanted me to take a year off and work and get in state residence in NC, but I’ve basically been spending my college funds on avoiding getting a job, thinking about music, writing songs and other things…” Either way, he’s also apparently already made it into Pitchfork’s “best new music” section within a flash – Impressive, but it’s easy to hear why:

Jackson Scott – That Awful Sound

Meet NEW Hype-Worthy Swedish Electro-Pop Group: Kate Boy

Kate BoyThe Swedes are insanely talented music producing masters and they’re especially synonymous with eclectic electro. From The Knife, to iamamiwhoami, jj, Little Dragon, Niki & The Dove, The Sound of Arrows, even Robyn (and don’t you even try to forget) Ace of Base, addictive electro-pop music is a Swedish forte.

This month, we get to add yet another talented Swedish act to the electro-pop pool: Kate Boy. With just one strong song, “Northern Lights,” Kate Boy thrusts us into nostalgia for The Knife, and in doing so, has quickly topped music blog charts. If the mysterious (supposed 3 parts Swedish, 1 part Aussie) group continues to produce synth superbness, they’re steadfast to becoming electro super stars.

With a bouncing, dark, ambient beat, metallic synth and righteous vocals, listen to Kate Boy‘s debut track, “Northern Lights” and stay tuned:

Kate Boy – Northern Lights

FRESH NEW TRACKS: Prince Rama, xxyyxx, Diplo, Jhameel, Satin Jackets

Prince Rama as Hyparxia

Prince Rama as Hyparxia

I’ve discussed Prince Rama‘s bizarro but super cool new LP concept before, (Top Ten Hits of the End of the World is a compilation of jams by Prince Rama channelling fictitious mega superstars who’ve died in a supposed apocalypse). The Brooklynites’ LP is due 11/6 via Paw Tracks. The notion may be out there, but I can’t wait to hear the LP in its entirely ‘cus the jams released thus far have been apocalypse worthy. Here are two new tracks:

Prince Rama (Channeling Hyparxia) – Welcome to the Now Age

Prince Rama – Those Who Live for Love Will Live Forever

Orlando, Florida’s Marcel Everett, aka xxyyxx, is one of those producers who makes you feel like saying, in typical Wayne/Garth fashion, “We’re not worthy!” Why? ‘Cus the kid’s only 17! He produces these experimental, down tempo, chillwave beats out of his bedroom, in boredom, and they’re masterpieces. His full-length, self-titled LP was released in March of this year, and he continues to crank out new beats on a consistent basis. “Lay Down” is his latest creation:

xxyyxx – Lay Down

This is kind of a guilty pleasure, but damn, it’s GOOD. According to Pigeons & Planes, Jhameel, our Berkeley hailing pop-crooner asked fans to choose a song, and he’d cover it. Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You” was apparently the winner, and we’re all grateful, ‘cus it’s poppy, lustful and fun:

Jhameel – Thinking About You (Frank Ocean Cover)

Satin Jackets is smooth, electro-funk guru and German producer, Tim Bernhardt. He’s also making humble waves in the blogosphere with his self-proclaimed “glossy music” and new track, “You Make Me Feel Good.” Check him out on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Satin Jackets – You Make Me Feel Good

How did Diplo make it on my blog again? Regardless, this slower than typical Diplo jam featuring Jahan Lennon (of the now-defunct PO PO) has gotten some serious repeat action. “About That Life” is the first single from Diplo’s first full-length LP in 8 years (!), which is expected sometime in early 2013. Diplo and Lennon have also made an appropriately trippy, hippie video to accompany:

Diplo – About That Life feat. Jahan Lennon