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Listen to NEW Hypnotic Shoegaze Album: No Joy – Wait to Pleasure

No JoyLove shoegaze? Love hot, rockin’ blonde-ish blondes? Helloooo No Joy!

No Joy is the Montreal, Canadian alt-rock shoegaze group of not one, but TWO rockin’ hot blondes, Jasamine White-Gluz and Larua Lloyd… Okay, throw a guy in there now too: Garland Hastings. The No Joy gals have been shredding together since 2009, and quickly signed on with Mexican Summer Records (Autre Ne Veut, Light Asylum, Peaking Lights, Tamaryn) soon there after. They’ve toured with Best Coast, the Vivian Girls, Surfer Blood, Marnie Stern, and continue to hold and develop their shoegaze own with each new release. Luckily, they’ve just had one!

Wait to Pleasure” is No Joy‘s recently released sophomore album. It’s been noted for its directional shift, but has been welcomed with praising reviews. The new album (which you can now stream on Spotify) is throbbing, hypnotic, groovy, glowing and pop-tinged making it a highly addictive and magnetic listen.

No Joy is currently wrapping up their tour now. “We play as if the audience isn’t there, and we wouldn’t care if there weren’t anyone in the room at all, other than our band,” says White-Gluz on Mexican Summer’s website. “No matter what, we are making this music for ourselves.”

No Joy – Hare Tarot Lies

No Joy – Lunar Phobia

Fresh Track Roundup! Foxygen + Blood Diamonds + MØ + Doldrums + Widowspeak + Brothers in Law + Flight Facilities



The days are cold (at least in San Francisco), and the new music flow is kinda slow. But (!) despite these hurry-up-and-wait times where new music production seems to be on a fierce hold, I present to you a fresh track roundup! Let’s get on with it:

Foxygen is on just about everyone’s radar. They’ve been deemed a “band to watch in 2013” by many, and all ears are open. The singer/songwriter LA-based duo consists of Sam France and Jonathan Rado. They’re young, yet create the essence of a Velvet Underground/Bob Dylan/Kinks persona.

Foxygen‘s latest release, “No Destruction” will be found on Their forthcoming album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magicout January 22nd via Jagjaguwar.

Best line of the song: “There’s no need to be an asshole, you’re not in Brooklyn anymore.” Enjoy:

Foxygen – No Destruction

Mike Tucker, the blonde, giant (almost 7 foot-tall) producer also known as Blood Diamonds (and one of Grimes’ many BFFs) has collaborated w/ex-A$AP member, Dominic Lord. The result? Some seriously funky hip-hop. Have a listen to “Barcode” now:

Blood Diamonds – Barcode ft. Dominic Lord
*This track’s apparently been put on ‘Private’ now – Don’t you just love that? Listen to it on SoundCloud then.


Karen Marie Ørsted aka , the Copenhagen-hailing electro-pop princess who’s made serious waves amongst the blogosphere with just a couple of tracks, has graced us with, “Glass,” yet another gem. Some are calling her the ‘Scandinavian Grimes’ though I think the two have sounds, and personalities entirely of their own, both of which are still entirely addicting. Have a listen to ‘s third song to date:

MØ – Glass

I can hardly contain my excitement for Doldrums‘ upcoming album, “Lesser Evil” (out 2/25 on Souterrain Transmissions/Europe, and 2/26 on Arbutus Records/North America). Airick Woodhead is the Canadian mastermind behind Doldrums, and he’s stead-fast to producing some of the freshest, most interesting experimental/electro music out there. “Anomaly” is Doldrums‘ latest release from his highly anticipated forthcoming album:

Doldrums – Anomaly 

Brothers in Law is a new lo-fi, shoegaze, indie-pop outfit out of none other than Pesaro, Italy. According to The 405Brothers in Law have recently gone from duo to trio and will soon release their second EP, Gray Days, on 7″ vinyl, limited edition, via We Were Never Being Boring, CF-records and MattaLab. “Holy Weekend” can be found on Gray Days due out February 16th. Stream below:

Brothers in Law – Holy Weekend

I stumbled upon Widowspeak via Captured Tracks, and boy, I’m glad I did. The “western-tinged” indie-pop/rock n’ roll group composed of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas transcends you into a dreamy bliss. Their second LP, “Almanac,” is due out January 22nd, (but you can stream the entire album on SoundCloud right now).

Windowspeak – Thick as Thieves

Flight Facilities is a funky electro pop production based out of Australia. Remember their 2011 jam, “Crave You” featuring Giselle? Regardless, the duo has recently released, “Clair De Lune,” a breathtakingly beautiful track featuring Christine Hoberg, with haunting video to match:

Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune (ft. Christine Hoberg)

Listen to & Download a Shite Ton of Amazing Remixes from Yalls


Dan Casey, the (seemingly normal) Berkeley, CA hailing DJ boy also known as Yalls, has given us an entire download of his remixes (25 jams total!) – four of which have never been released. Are you great, or the greatest Dan Casey? The compilation includes remixes of Blackbird Blackbird, Majical Cloudz, The xx, Monster Rally, CHVRCHES, Giraffage, Teen Daze and more. I’m severely addicted to his Friendly Fires – Hurting instrumental remix (previously unreleased). Get the free download here and listen now! Thanks Yalls!

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Abadabad – Park Slope (Yalls Remix)
2. Arrange – When’d You Find Me (Yalls Remix)
3. CHLLNGR – Datter (Yalls Remix)
4. Churches – Save Me (Color Controller Remix)
5. Friendly Fires – Hurting (Yalls Instrumental Remix)
6. Giraffage – Moments (Yalls Remix)
7. Gracie – Southern Place (Yalls Remix)
8. James & Evander – Come Around (Yalls Remix)
9. Monster Rally – Moonglow (Yalls Remix)
10. Majical Cloudz – Francisco (Yalls Remix)
11. Majical Cloudz – Turns Turns Turns (Yalls Remix)
12. MondreMAN – Fancy (Yalls Peer Pressure Remix)
13. Monster Rally – Moonglow (Yalls Remix)
14. Monster Rally – A Voice / Big Sur (Daniel Sex Jr. Remix)
15. Naytronix – Baby Don’t Walk Away (Yalls Remix)
16. Parentz – Big (Yalls Remix)
17.  Put Away (Yalls Remix) – Seatraffic
18. Middle Wave (Yalls Desecration) – Some Ember
19. I See a Void (Yalls Remix) – Sonny & The Sunsets
20. 72 Bus Stop (Yalls Remix) – Squadda B
21. The New Balearic (Yalls Remix) – Teen Daze
22. Grande Gordo (Yalls Remix) Vacation Dad
23. Angels (Yalls Bootleg Do Up) – The xx
24. Kingston Gates (Color Controller Remix) – Zoos of Berlin
25. Another 1 Goes Down (Yalls Bike Lake Remix) – 100s ft. Hollywood Squadda & Shady Blaze

K-Pop Literally Meets Electro-Pop: 2NE1 + Elite Gymnastics

It was brought to my attention by a fellow English teacher still living in Korea that (MY K-pop band), 2NE1 was recently in tha’ Pitchfork house – and more interestingly enough, they were being interviewed by James Brooks from Elite Gymnastics – A wonderful combo of two of my favorites in their respected genres: K-pop literally meeting Electro-pop.

Back in April at a show, I mulled around Elite Gymnastic’s merch booth pointing out their lack of …well, merch and curiously asked Josh Clancy, who is now no longer in the band (!), about their obvious obsession with and the influence of K-pop on their band. “Have you ever actually been to Korea?” I asked. “Well, no.”

I Love 2NE1I don’t think it’s possible to understand the wide, weird world of K-pop, unless you’re fully forced/immersed into it. Having lived in Korea for a year as an English teacher, I fully grasped the madness that is K-pop mania, and when I first landed in The ROK, I quickly realized that K-pop would be the only exposure to music I’d ever experience outside the comfort of my own computer. Like kimchi, Koreans breath, sweat and eat up every ounce of K-pop – You can’t and won’t ever escape it. The interesting thing about it, however, is that everyone in the country is obsessed. Three-year-old babies and/or 75-year-old ajummas picking up trash in the park gladly sing along and more importantly, dance to it. Apparently once you K-pop, you can’t stop.

Giving in, rather than resisting the never-ending ear wash of catchy K-pop jams playing in every possible direction undoubtedly made my year in Korea easier, and to my guilty-listening-pleasure, 2NE1 became my fav ‘edgy’ K-pop group. I mean, according to Wikipedia, 2NE1’s official color is Hot Pink. – Doesn’t get any edgier than that. Now on to the good stuff…

Elite Gymnastics,  the New York by way of Minneapolis electro-pop band (of now one), with a serious K-pop crush recently released Andreja 4-ever for the Adult Swim’s Single Series. I hear he’s also going to be touring with Grimes in the near future.

Elite Gymnastics – Andreja 4-ever

This is my all-time favorite Elite Gymnastics jam, and one that I still listen to on repeat for ungodly amounts of time.

Elite Gymnastics – Omamori

You can’t mention 2NE1 and NOT post this video, ‘cus it IS “the best.”
2NE1 – I Am The Best