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Listen to NEW Mozart’s Sister Track: Enjoy + Debut Album Announced!

Mozart's Sister - BeingMozart’s Sister has been one of my most consistent musical obsessions over the last three years. I’ve been clinging on to her 3-track EP, Dear Fear, originally self-released in 2011, for what feels like an eternity.

Caila Thompson-Hannant aka Mozart’s Sister re-released Dear Fear as Hello in 2013 with the addition of one more track via Merok Records. With little-to-no news about further releases, my consistent anticipation for amazing electro-pop pureness from the Montreal-hailing songstress remained faithful.

Today, news of her debut album, Being, is finally here, and it’s due out August 5th (!!!) via Asthmatic Kitty Records. We’re also given a glimpse of the record with the release of a new track and video for, “Enjoy.”

According to Asthmatic Kitty, “inspired by Discovery-era Daft Punk, Post-era Bjork, and Betty Davis, Caila produced, recorded and wrote Being using a cheap sound card and Ableton software, approaching it with a do-it-all-by-my-self ideology… ‘Being is a fracture,’ says Caila. ‘A note between thought and expression. When I wrote this record I was riding a wave of light and dark; I still am. It’s not a twisted path but one that aspires to harmony. In all the little bits that make up the bulk of the ‘songs’ of this album is a jump. So here I am jumping into your mercy, a leap I will never forget. I feel the future can only bring better or worse and definitely not the same. So this record is a thing that will never happen again. I hope you enjoy it.'”

Watch New Electro-Pop Video: Mozart’s Sister – Mozart’s Sister

Mozart's SisterThe extremely talented Montreal-hailing electro-pop artist, Mozart’s Sister has released her first video. Caila Thompson-Hannant, (formerly of Shapes and Sizes) is the electro-pop Queen claiming to be #2, however, she’s slowly but surely making big waves in the blogosphere with her undeniably catchy beats and soaring, soulful vocals. Donning just a handful of songs via her 2011 self-released EP, Dear Fear, Mozart’s Sister has since teamed up with Merok Records (Crystal Castles, Majical Cloudz, Active Child, Giza) and re-released her EP as Hello back in February.

Today, we’re graced with a video of the quirky songstress with the sweetest beats belting the song that started it all, “Mozart’s Sister.” At SXSW this year, while Caila bounced around on stage, she exclaimed that “Mozart’s Sister” was her very first track (though not her first release) and the inspiration for her project’s name, for which we’re ecstatic!

Watch Mozart’s Sister‘s video now and find her on FacebookTwitterSoundCloud and/or Bandcamp. Can’t wait for more! Until then, ENJOY:

Stream: Taste of Savage – Sean Nicholas Savage Covers ft. Mac Demarco, Doldrums, Majical Cloudz

Taste of Savage - His Pupils Singing His MusicAs a toast to Sean Nicholas Savage, the eccentric pop artist and vital key to Montreal’s continuously growing music scene, Arbutus labelmates and Canadian cohorts have compiled a 17-track compilation covering Savage’s songs. The collection, entitled: Taste of Savage – His Pupils Sing His Music features Doldrums, Majical Cloudz, Mac Demarco, Mozart’s Sister and more – All of our favorites in one!

According to Arbutus, the tracks, “ranging from anthems to obscure gems – are anthologized on this release. As the first act ever to release on Arbutus, a community has developed surrounding Savage, his songwriting, charisma and his social philosophies.

It is a true honour to present such a mix of genre and creative thought – and this is what’s captivating about the compilation. A group of artists brought together not by genre but by circumstance: a shared home, one which Savage represents as a primary character in the Canadian music scene.”

Stream Taste of Savage below, and download all 17 tracks over at Arbutus:

Taste of Savage – His Pupils Sing His Music

Hallelujah! New: Mozart’s Sister – “Mozart’s Sister”

Mozart's SisterEXCITING NEWS y’all! Mozart’s Sister, one of the (by far) most talented, yet underrated artists has released another, and self-titled track: “Mozart’s Sister“(!)

Montreal-hailing Caila Thompson-Hannant, (formerly of Shapes and Sizes)  is the one-woman electro-pop Queen behind the project known as Mozart’s Sister. She dons just a handful of songs via her self-released Dear Fear EP from 2011, yet each track is drenched with pure electro-pop bliss. It’s simply astonishing that with Mozart’s Sister‘s undeniably catchy beats and soaring, soulful vocals, she hasn’t skyrocketed to major superstardom, because it’s certainly deserved. However, it looks like things are certainly in motion. Mozart’s Sister made an appearance at CMJ music marathon in 2012 catching the eye of a Pitchfork-ist, and has partnered up with Merok Records (Crystal Castles, Majical Cloudz, Active Child, Giza).

Mozart’s Sister” is the lead track from Mozart’s Sister‘s forthcoming EP, Hello, due out February 25th – Exciting times! Find her on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and/or Bandcamp. ENJOY:

Mozart’s Sister – “Mozart’s Sister”

NEW Track + Video: Holobody – Ninnyhammer

Holobody - NinnyhammerHolobody, the young Montreal hailing shoegaze pop siblings, Luke & Charlotte Loseth have released yet another dreamy, swirling, psychedelic synth-pop gem, “Ninnyhammer,” via Bad Panda Records. The brother/sister combo who refer to themselves by their pseudo names: Felix Green and Sea Oleena aren’t new to coco stereo, and their sound continuously becomes more infectious with each release.

Following a debut album, Riverhoodreleased in May of this year, Ninnyhammer is a debut single from Holobody‘s forthcoming EP titled, MTL (out Dec. 6, 2012). Have a listen to the radiant new release and watch the video below:

Holobody – Ninnyhammer