Watch New Electro-Pop Video: Mozart’s Sister – Mozart’s Sister

Mozart's SisterThe extremely talented Montreal-hailing electro-pop artist, Mozart’s Sister has released her first video. Caila Thompson-Hannant, (formerly of Shapes and Sizes) is the electro-pop Queen claiming to be #2, however, she’s slowly but surely making big waves in the blogosphere with her undeniably catchy beats and soaring, soulful vocals. Donning just a handful of songs via her 2011 self-released EP, Dear Fear, Mozart’s Sister has since teamed up with Merok Records (Crystal Castles, Majical Cloudz, Active Child, Giza) and re-released her EP as Hello back in February.

Today, we’re graced with a video of the quirky songstress with the sweetest beats belting the song that started it all, “Mozart’s Sister.” At SXSW this year, while Caila bounced around on stage, she exclaimed that “Mozart’s Sister” was her very first track (though not her first release) and the inspiration for her project’s name, for which we’re ecstatic!

Watch Mozart’s Sister‘s video now and find her on FacebookTwitterSoundCloud and/or Bandcamp. Can’t wait for more! Until then, ENJOY:

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