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Worth the Hype – Meet New Electro-Pop Songstress: MØ

MØ - PilgrimIsn’t it a wondrous phenomenon that while basking in the discovery a new, magnifying musical gem of stunning indie-electro-pop proportions, you suddenly receive an email from a homie recommending the ‘new dame,’ and your news feed instantly floods with blog posts calling your glorious ‘diamond in the rough’ the “next new Grimes.” In that moment, you realize that while, in that nano second of bliss in which you were only beginning to discover the magnitude of a new potential electro-pop star, there will always be someone one step ahead of you. This can either be A) really fucking annoying and/or depressing or B) reaffirming in that your musical tastes/choices may also have potential.

So with that, I, a homie via email, and a bunch of other blogs present to you a new electro-pop sensation hailing from Copenhagen: . The talented 23-year-old songstress, Karen Marie Ørsted, graces us with two electro-pop gems, (Pilgrim, and Maiden) full of soaring vocals and just enough synth to keep us on the edge of our seats while she records her debut album.

has officially taken seat on the hype throne, now we wait… unless you’re a lucky bastard and live in Brooklyn.  is playing at the Yours Truly CMJ Music Marathon party at Glasslands October 19th, and again later that night at the Danger Village Showcase. This music marathon and these lineups are so ridiculous that if I continue to talk about it, I might cry. So join in on the hype and see  in The Big Apple, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and/or Tumblr for a stalk, follow, listen or two.

MØ – Pilgrim

Phèdre’s My Creepy Aphrodite

Two things to address here:

1) Why the f*** is WordPress so ridiculous to figure out? I mean, I blog for part of my living (obviously not on WordPress, Ha Ha, BLAH), and this, right here, is making me doubt my self-worth.

2) I’ve also realized today, that in my writing career, I’ve siloed myself into two distinct styles: 1) Cynical and/or depressing or 2) Cheesy as f***.

So I bring you the best of both worlds: An easy video to post on WordPress and Phèdre’s newest bizarro homemade (this is an assumption; a good one right?) music video for Aphrodite (a combo of depressing/creepy and cheesy ie. synchronized dancing). It reeks with cosmic electro-popness, sounds my childhood keyboard used to make (the dog barks were always so fun), balloons filled w/hair and someone’s fortune-telling grandma. It’ll sooth your experimental desiring soul of sounds and creepy curiosities :

p.s. Have you seen their gluttonous NSFW honey soaked weirdness of a video for In Decay? Oh man, you’ve gotta see it: