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Death Grips – The Money Store: “Gaga Can’t Handle This Shit”

Wow. The intertwining of rough and ready rap/hip hop vocals, dark edgy beats and random sounds in Death Grips’ songs create this insanely intense desire for even more of their experimental chaos.

The trio (Zach Hill, Stefan Burnett, and Andy Morin) hail from Sacramento (woah, they even have a wikipedia page) and released their first album, The Money Store, April 24th with Epic Records. (Psst… the whole damn thing is available on Spotify).

While absorbing the magnitude of Death Grips’ sweet beats in my cubicle via Spotify, my coworkers were also eyeing the titles of The Money Store’s songs flood their Facebook feeds: “Fuck That,” “Bitch Please,” “Hustle Bones” – I undoubtedly scarred and/or scared them, but Oh GOD (!) is it worth it.

Give this entire album a thorough listen, or at least join in my addiction for songs like “Hacker” and “I’ve Seen Footage.”

Also, if you can resist the urge to roll your eyes and tell me to f**k off for referring you to Pitchfork, they have an interesting interview with the “riotous, shit-starting Death Grips.”

Death Grips – Hacker

Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage

Phèdre’s My Creepy Aphrodite

Two things to address here:

1) Why the f*** is WordPress so ridiculous to figure out? I mean, I blog for part of my living (obviously not on WordPress, Ha Ha, BLAH), and this, right here, is making me doubt my self-worth.

2) I’ve also realized today, that in my writing career, I’ve siloed myself into two distinct styles: 1) Cynical and/or depressing or 2) Cheesy as f***.

So I bring you the best of both worlds: An easy video to post on WordPress and Phèdre’s newest bizarro homemade (this is an assumption; a good one right?) music video for Aphrodite (a combo of depressing/creepy and cheesy ie. synchronized dancing). It reeks with cosmic electro-popness, sounds my childhood keyboard used to make (the dog barks were always so fun), balloons filled w/hair and someone’s fortune-telling grandma. It’ll sooth your experimental desiring soul of sounds and creepy curiosities :

p.s. Have you seen their gluttonous NSFW honey soaked weirdness of a video for In Decay? Oh man, you’ve gotta see it: