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Phèdre’s My Creepy Aphrodite

Two things to address here:

1) Why the f*** is WordPress so ridiculous to figure out? I mean, I blog for part of my living (obviously not on WordPress, Ha Ha, BLAH), and this, right here, is making me doubt my self-worth.

2) I’ve also realized today, that in my writing career, I’ve siloed myself into two distinct styles: 1) Cynical and/or depressing or 2) Cheesy as f***.

So I bring you the best of both worlds: An easy video to post on WordPress and Phèdre’s newest bizarro homemade (this is an assumption; a good one right?) music video for Aphrodite (a combo of depressing/creepy and cheesy ie. synchronized dancing). It reeks with cosmic electro-popness, sounds my childhood keyboard used to make (the dog barks were always so fun), balloons filled w/hair and someone’s fortune-telling grandma. It’ll sooth your experimental desiring soul of sounds and creepy curiosities :

p.s. Have you seen their gluttonous NSFW honey soaked weirdness of a video for In Decay? Oh man, you’ve gotta see it: