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Jams So Fresh, So Smooth (you’ll wanna gro0ve) – Onra, Yalls, THEESatisfaction

Oh hi. I’ve been working on a blog post for two days (still working on it!), but alas, it’s for work! When do I get to write about smooth, fresh, funky jams I’m just dying to expose, listen to and write about all day long for our listening and mind-blowing pleasure? Right fucking now. I took a break from blogging …to blog… (cue eye rolling), but no really, these jams are so damn worth taking a break from blogging to blog, that you’d wish you’d started your own blog (don’t do that) featuring all of the smoothness I’m about to unleash. Brace yo’ self:

1) Onra – L.O.V.E: Ready to (really) get dooooown? Onra, the funk-master, beat-making French producer (aka Arnaud Bernard) has released this beauty of jam (soon to be released on an EP June 12th). Someone commented on the Onra last.fm page, “Onra destroy my brain!” so you know this shit is gooood. Better than #bathsalts (I’m guessing).

2) Yalls – Settle Down: Wait, so this guy lives in Berkeley and his name is Dan? Regardless of the ‘normalcy,’ I stumbled upon this sweet, (oh so!) sweet and deliciously funkdafied jam ‘cus I’d  heard another song of his on another blog. I was amazed, thus tweeted about it and then ferociously looked up more of Dan in Berkeley aka Yalls’ jams because they’re fresh, and that’s how these things go. He also has a Tumblr, cute. Go look at it here.

3) THEESatisfaction – QueenS: Wow, wtf (!) this jam is so funky fresh and soulfully smooth, I feel like it’s transmitting dreamy subliminal messages into my brain: “Whatever you dooo, don’t funk with my groove.” THEE  (see what I did there?) last.fm bio of the duo, (Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White hailing from Seattle) describes their musical genre as “Funk-psychedelic, feminista sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul, frosted with icy raps.” Damn, I think I can handle that! Listen to their entire album (released March 2012), awE naturalE on Spotify here.

All right. Back to blogging about stuff I get paid to blog about (but I love you like I do).

Kindness – “The Beat is Bad!”

Kindness… sounds… nice, right? Oh (!) but it’s so much more than that. Imagine a tall skinny white guy with luscious, Fabio look-alike locks who produces so much engrossing funk that you wanna get up (‘cus you feel like being a sex machine?) and slap the “kindness” right out of this mastermind’s name. His beats are so sweet they’re baaaad.

Adam Bainbridge, the Brit behind the funky beats recently released his debut LP “World, You Need a Change of Mind” and it’s got me wanting more. That’s not very kind… or maybe it’s the kindest thing of all.

Indulge away:

Kindness – That’s Alright

Kindness – House

Kindness – Cyan