NEW (and unusual): Prince Rama – Top 10 Hits of the End of the World

Prince Rama - Top 10 Hits of the End of the WorldToday is one of those days where you feel like saying, “Fuck this shit!” and thus commence to pretend you live in some crazy Twilight Zone world where everyone doesn’t annoy the shit out of you, oh, and you get paid really well. So since we’re on the topic of pretending, I present to you Prince Rama‘s latest project and soonish-to-be-released album: Top 10 Hits of the End of the World.

According to Stereogum, this album is a compilation of jams in which Prince Rama, the Brooklyn-based band is pretending to be the “ghosts of ten different pop bands that died during the apocalypse.” UMMM… Sure. Sounds like someone else was also having a “Fuck this shit!” kind of time too, however, it resulted into some seriously cool sounds. The band promises that the new album will include a plethora of music genres including: “cosmic disco, motorcycle rock, new-wave grunge, tribal goth, Arabic pop, and ghost-modern glam.” – Funky!

Their debut song from the album, “So Destroyed” is trippy and beyond addicting… you know, for a fictional dead band w/a fictional top hit and all:

Rage Peace (Channelled by Prince Rama) – So Destroyed

The album is due out in November. Here’s the tracklist including list of faux dead bands Prince Rama is/will/are channelling:

1 “Blade of Austerity” – Guns of Dubai
2 “Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever” – I.M.M.O.R.T.A.L.I.F.E.
3 “No Way Back”- Nu Fighters
4 “So Destroyed” – Rage Peace
5 “Receive” – Taohaus
6 “Radhamadhava” – Goloka
7 “Fire Sacrifice” – Black Elk Speaks
8 “Welcome To The Now Age” – Hyparxia
9 “Exercise Ecstasy” – The Metaphysixxx
10 “We Will Fall In Love Again” – Motel Memory


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