Get Nostalgic & Fall in Love… Again. NEW: How to Dress Well – Again

Tom Krell aka How to Dress Well

Tom Krell aka How to Dress Well

I was watching this two-part documentary on Woody Allen last night, and the whole thing made me very nostalgic… for what, I don’t even know. It was so good, it made me miss something I don’t/didn’t even have (NYC livin’, love, talent?)… wait, did I say nostalgic? I meant depressed. Hah, kidding. The clips of a young Woody Allen and Diane Keaton working on Annie Hall together were charming, whimsical and romantic. The storyline of Annie Hall alone exposes this raw, realistic love story – The notion of falling in love, and then falling out of it…

Tom Krell from How to Dress Well has struck a similar dreamy and nostalgic chord with his latest beauty of a wavering and delicate version of Janet Jackson’s 1993 hit and ballad, “Again.” According to Ad Hoc: “Again will be available as a limited edition 7” for those who pre-order his upcoming Acéphale album, Total Loss, which comes out September 18th.”

Listen and fall in love again…

p.s. I accidentally played the jam and the movie trailer at the same time, and it’s actually pretty fitting. Try it.

How to Dress Well – Again (Janet Jackson cover)

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