Hype-Worthy! Fresh NEW Indie-Rock Video: The Holidays – Voices Drifting

The HolidaysThe Holidays is a 4-piece indie-rock group hailing from the depths of Sydney, OZ. The group released their debut album, Post Paradise, in 2010, which thrust them into the indie-rock limelight, donning them with a plethora of positive reviews, nominations and awards. However, the second time around, frontman Simon Jones didn’t want to write another record containing the same sound as their successful debut. In an attempt to write The Holidays‘ second album, (due out sometime in early 2014) Jones told the Herald Sun, “I nearly went mad, I went to Tokyo to recalibrate and find a new sound,” he says. “I loved the sound of the Lost in Translation soundtrack, that’s why I went there. It was a mass of humanity and I was amongst millions of people I couldn’t really speak to. That helped with finding the new sound.”

The Holidays‘ latest and recently released track, “Voices Drifting” is indicative and a first glimpse into the group’s new groove – one that’s already creating big buzz amongst the blogosphere. “It’s a combination of disparate elements, blankets of fuzz, really ethereal pretty sounds, choir voices, angelic female voices, it’s heavy but it’s not,” says Jones. “It would have been too easy to do another summery bongos record. I like making life hard.”

Luckily for us, The Holidays also just released their official video for the addictive rock song, “Voices Drifting,” one in which Jones nearly drowned in an attempt to make the video in one take. “The idea was that I would perform the song underwater in one breath, but if I couldn’t last the duration the concept kinda falls apart – so the pressure was on. I spent weeks practicing by slowing down my heart rate and singing the song with my head in a bucket of water. We shot about 15 aborted takes and it was getting very frustrating for everybody, in the end I resolved to stay under even if I ran out of breath, you might be able to see this happens at the end of the 2nd verse… it was extremely uncomfortable but I didn’t drown, we got one full take and that’s the clip!” says Jones. Enjoy!

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