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Pssst… New Purity Ring, Dirty Projectors & Twin Shadow Albums are FINALLY (legally) Here!

Twin Shadow

So, if you haven’t already illegally downloaded/streamed/and/or hit up a music blogger who actually gets paid, the new Purity Ring, Twin Shadow & Dirty Projectors albums have FINALLY and legally arrived.

I’ll admit, I have a homie who gave me the albums well in advance (to end my “suffering”), thus my ears have been delightfully well versed, but I figured I’d save this post for those who are morally good and wait and/or pay for things like this to be legitimately released.

Side note: Apologies for the centered Spotify audio players, I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching how to flush them left, I really did, and sadly, nothing fuckin’ worked.

Purity Ring is a beloved fav amongst synth-electro-pop lovers. Songs from the new album: Odebear, LoftiCries, BeliSpeak, Ungirthed and Fineshrine have been leaked/released/floating around the interwebz for quite a while, some even as far back as 2011, hence the album doesn’t seem entirely *new* if you’ve been an avid follower. BUT! it’s still an amazing listen nonetheless. (If you’re not a Spotify user, you can stream the entire album on NPR here.)

Purity Ring – Shrines (July “24,”2012)

Thank God Dirty Projectors has something new out. As amazing as the song is, there are only so many times you can continuously listen to Stillness is the Move (okay, I still do) before realizing it came out a LONG time ago (2009). Also, can you believe they have 7 full-length albums out now? Seven! If you aren’t familiar, Dirty Projectors is a six man/woman indie-rock band hailing from Brooklyn, of course! I listened to “Dance for You” an unhealthy amount of times in a row.

Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan (July 10, 2012)

George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow is a one-man 80s new wave master. He produced his latest album Confess, by himself and apparently a motorcycle accident was the inspiration for its creation. I’ll be enjoying his stage presence at the Great American Music Hall on August 16th and so should you (unless you already have Charli XCX tickets for the same night, then it’s completely justified):

Twin Shadow – Confess (July 10, 2012)