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New Dreamy Synth-Pop Side Project! Meet: Limited

LimitedOkay, wait. I have to get something out of the way first… I’m kind of amused by the number of people who Google the word “jizz” every day, and therefore receive coco stereo in their search results. This of course is all thanks to the goofy crooner, Mac DeMarco and his self-proclaimed “Jizz Jazz” music that I so obsessively like to write about. I suppose if I stopped writing “jizz” so many times in my posts (this one’s already a doozy), I’d have less jizz-loving Googlers looking for a good time. So, If you happen to stumble upon coco stereo after Googling the word “jizz,” 1) That’s hilarious, interesting and kind of gross, and 2) I hope you enjoy the music! (sorry there aren’t any actual jizz related pics/videos on here for you… maybe later?)

Now onto new music…

Limited (LTD) is a new dreamy, 80s vibing, synth-pop side project from Alex Craig of Big Troubles. The New Jersey native’s boyish vocals mixed with “noise-gaze” guitar layers and bursts of synth are exquisitely addictive. Limited (which performs as a three-piece live) recently released a 7″ via New Images – A label created and run by Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Real Estate. The 7-inch includes two tracks, “New Day Rising,” (which I’ve been obsessively playing since first listen), and “You Must Be Dreaming.” While you wait in anticipation for even more synth-pop superbness, give Limited a listen, stalk or follow on BandcampTumblr, or Twitter.

Limited – New Day Rising

Limited – You Must Be Dreaming