Sociopathic Jams & Gems

It’s Mother’s Day and to end it with an ironic bang, I bring you these child psychopath jams and gems that go hand in hand:

1) This fresh jam about nihilism and sociopaths is paving its way to the top of the popular charts on Hype Machine as we speak. The track and entire Slow Rainbow tape is available for free at bandcamp.

LIL KIDS – Nobodies

2) This eerie NY Times article about child socio/psychopaths was just published this weekend:

Can You Call a 9 Year Old a Psychopath?

“Anne is a strict disciplinarian, she said, particularly with Michael, who she worries would otherwise simply run wild. She mentioned an episode of “Criminal Minds” that terrified her, in which a couple’s younger son was murdered by his older brother. “In the show, the older brother didn’t show any remorse. He just said, ‘He deserved it, because he broke my plane.’ When I saw that, I said, ‘Oh my God, I so don’t need that episode to be my life story down the line.’ ” She laughed awkwardly, then shook her head. “I’ve always said that Michael will grow up to be either a Nobel Prize winner or a serial killer.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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