Badass Round Up – New: Brick + Mortar, Yeasayer, How to Dress Well

So many new and badass eargasm jams to speak of today, they’re all being wrapped up into one sweet package of listening pleasure:

1)  Brick + Mortar – Bangs: This catchy rock jam from the Jersey hailing duo can be found on their limited edition 2 song 7″ being released in June. You can also download for free on on their Tumblr. (The intro of this song should be blasted into your earbuds for maximum badass intensity.)

Brick + Mortar – Bangs

2) Yeasayer – Henrietta: This is the first release from Yeasayer’s recently announced, August arriving album, Fragrant World. The self-proclaimed “Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel” Brooklyn-based band does it again. Magnetic!

Yeasayer – Henrietta:


3) How to Dress Well – Ocean Floor For Everything: New dreamy single by ethereal/R&B artist Tom Krell that’ll be released on his new LP, Total Loss this fall.

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