These Jams Feel Right: Motion CNTRL + FIDLAR + Why? + jj


I am REALLY terrible at judging when a band is actually going to go on stage. Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8 pm, so I  get there by 8:30 pm and the starter band hasn’t even gone on stage. Sometimes I’m there JUST to see the starter band, so I add an hour to my initially planned time and I miss the whole fucking thing. So while I’m writing this, I’m probably missing the entire Lower Dens show, but let’s hope  I’m wrong, like always. … side note: I made it RIGHT on time and Lower Dens blew my mind and/or eardrums and made my pants vibrate – Rockin’ show.

Now on to the good stuff. I’m gonna share with you some great fucking jams I’ve come across within the last week, so let’s cut to the chase:

I heard this track and immediately played it 13 times in a row. The jam is catchy as hell with smooth vocals and a bouncy, poppin’ synth beat. It’s also available for FREE on band camp. Hell yes! The girl/guy duo hails from LA. BlahblahblahScience conducted an interview w/the two here for your reading enjoyment.

Motion CNTRL – It Feels Right

I stumbled upon this awesome map on Phoenix with the “50 Best New Bands in America” so of course I clicked on California and discovered FIDLAR (Fuck it, Dog Life’s a Risk). Now I’m not usually one for garage/surf/skate punk because it reminds me of hot, fit, tan surfer bros w/long bleached blonde hair making skate videos in empty pools and jamming out at house parties… cus… those are all terrible qualities? Anyway, these guys rock it and I dig their sound:

FIDLAR – No Waves

Why?  – Sod in the Seed

Why? is back and frontman Yoni Wolf has found his witty, quirky, poetic hip-hop grove once again. It’s about time. They’re releasing a 6-song EP August 16th w/the same title. Check it:


Speaking of (don’t call it a..) comebacks, jj – the Swedish indie new-wave pop duo has released a new song reminding me of the gloriousness that they produced with their epic 2009/2010 albums… (okay they released some stuff last year, but it wasn’t as mind blowing). The song is part of an EP they recently released called High Summer.

jj – High Summer

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