Phono Del Sol Music Fest Bands You Should Prob Know

It’s a ridiculously beautiful day in San Francisco (for now), and there’s this amazing Indie music/food fest going on today: Phono Del Sol Music Festival, put on by The Bay Bridged. What’s totally ridiculous about this festival, is that it only costs $7-$10! What the hell? – Mind blowingly awesome. I was so excited about it, I asked half a dozen people to go with, and apparently/unfathomably, I don’t know anyone in San Francisco who’s ever heard of any of these bands (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, La Sera, Gardens & Villa, Dominant Legs, Sea of Bees, Mwahaha, The Fresh & Onlys) – It’s obvs not you San Francisco, it’s clearly… my friends. So fuck it, I’m going alone (!)  and therefore, I also bring you a fabulous song from (most) artists playing at today’s fest – ‘cus if you didn’t know, now you know:

1) Unknown Mortal Orchestra – FFunny FFriends

2) La Sera – How Far We’ve Come Now

3) Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossom

4) Dominant Legs – Hoop of Love

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