Thank God! New Jam/Album from Born Gold – Sky Bicycle

Born Gold - Sky BicycleHow long have we been waiting for new jams from this guy?! SO LONG (3 years to be exact). Thankfully, the wild-red-headed Canadian, Cecil Frena, aka Born Gold (formerly known as Gobble Gobble, which included members of the now Purity Ring) has gotten his gear in motion and is gracing us with new electro “hyper-hop” jams.

Little known fact: I was attending a Grimes show and prior to Claire’s performance, a perplexing opening act toyed the audience with interpretive dances, bizarro outfits and a finale that blanketed the crowd in some sort of parachute, all while playing Gobble Gobble covers. “What the f*** is this?!” I thought. “…and why are they playing my fav Gobble Gobble jams?” With a quick search on the ole iPhone, I soon hilariously discovered this wasn’t a whacko Gobble Gobble cover band, but the actual band (of one) playing by its new name: Born Gold. In conclusion, go see Born Gold play (for a weird time… wink, wink), and be prepared for oddities + a whole lot of amazing electro synth-pop.

With that, I am ecstatic to say that Born Gold will soon release a brand spankin’ and highly anticipated new album, Little Sleepwalker, on October 23 via Audraglint. Here is the first single, “Sky Bicycle.”

Born Gold – Sky Bicycle

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