Fresh & Addictive – Introducing: Nautic


I discovered Nautic maybe a week ago, and have been listening to their two tracks, “Fixxx,” and “Fresh Eyes” so obsessively, I figured it was time to actually write about them.

Story goes, Nautic is a brand new collaboration consisting of UK trio BullionLaura Groves, and Tic (of Young Turks). The result is an unbelievably unique, psychedelic and beautiful sound. Nautic is full of 80s nostalgia drenched in synth, strings and soaring vocals. I haven’t heard anything this fresh in a while, (which in music blog world, means about 3 weeks), and I’m dying to hear more. So far, the trio sports just two tracks and a Bandcamp page via Deek Recordings.

Have a listen to Nautic‘s fresh and highly addictive tracks, “Fixxx” and “Fresh Eyes” now:

Nautic – Fixxx

Nautic – Fresh Eyes

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