Fresh Tracks Roundup! Sin Fang + Broke for Free + L’Orange + ON AN ON + Beliefs + Digits

Sin Fang

Sin Fang

With all the year-end list churning goin’ on, there’s a whole lot of review, reflection and occasional discoveries. However, there’s also still a ton of phonomenal new music to be listened to – Some of which would very well make those “best of 2012” lists, ‘cus you know, the year isn’t actually over yet. So with that, I present to you a plethora of fresh new tracks so good you’d wished you’d waited on your year-end list release:

Sindri Már Sigfússon aka Sin Fang is an indie-pop act from the land of beautiful people i.e., Iceland. He apparently has an affinity for wearing beards made out of ‘stuff’ based off his upcoming and previous album images. “Young Boys” is a catchy number from Sing Fang‘s forthcoming LP, Flowers, due Jan. 2, 2013 (Feb. 19, U.S).

Sin Fang – Young Boys

Broke for Free is an alias of instrumental, electro glitch-hop artist and Oakland, California’s very finest, Tom Cascino. “Budding” is the lead track from Broke for Free‘s recently released EP, Gold Can Stay, and it’s a beaut of unique, melodic proportions.

Broke for Free – Budding

L’Orange is unique blend of hip hop, 20s sampling/nostalgia and Film Noir influences. He’s a poet and producer from North Carolina piquing the interest and ears of many with his eccentric blends. “Alone” is the debut singe from L’Orange‘s recently released LP, The Mad Writer featuring powerhouse LA-based rapper, Blu. Have a listen to the originality now:

L’Orange – Alone (feat. Blu)

ON AN ON, the fresh newChicago-based band has been featured on coco stereo before, and continues to wow with each new release. The group has been slated a ‘band to watch’ by many, and their latest release, “The Hunter” easily supports that admirable claim. “The Hunter,” a powerfully catchy track with its hazy and distorted vocals can be found on ON AN ON‘s forthcoming album, Give In, out January 29th via Roll Call Records.

ON AN ON – The Hunter

Beliefs, the Toronto-based duo, (Josh Karody and Jesse Crow) have made some blogosphere traction with their single and video for, “Catch My Breath.” They’ve released yet another shoegaze rocker of a track, “Violets” from their upcoming, self-titled album due out in March 2013 via Manimal (USA), Hand Drawn Dracula (Canada) + No Pain In Pop (UK/EU).

Beliefs – Violets

Digits is an electro-pop artist fromToronto producing music in beautiful Berlin. He has proudly boasted and released his “very first video!” for “Love is Only Affection” from his self-released EP out February, 2013. The video depicts a horny and/or deeply disturbed Scandinavian-esque android who bleeds goo and gets down with a plastic person. Enjoy:

Digits – Love is Only Affection

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