Oh So Smooth: Newtimers – ‘Ego’ EP

NewtimersOooh damn… get ready to get dooown.

Thanks to the find from PORTALS, I’ve been jammin’ all morning to Newtimers‘ brand spankin’ new 5-track EP, Ego

The Stockholm-hailing duo consists of Andreas Cavaco and Tim Lundblad – Producers who aren’t new this at all. According to Newtimers’ Bandcamp page, “after writing and producing songs for numerous acts (they’re both signed songwriters/producers), the guys got tired of their perfectionist ways and decided to be spontaneous to the fullest.”

The spontaneity is certainly suiting Newtimers well. The Swedes recently made an impact amongst the Blogosphere with their irresistible, catchy R&B jam, “January Love,” (found below) and Ego is a strong follow-up with its smooth and seductive electro sounds.

Have a listen to Ego below, and give “Game Over” and “She’s a Gun” some serious repeat action:

Newtimers – Ego 

Newtimers – January Love

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