Take Me Away Tracks! NEW: Museum of Bellas Artes + MONEY + Mind Tree

Museum of Bellas Artes

Museum Of Bellas Artes

Some days you really just wanna “get the f**k out of dodge,” (and I say this just as everyone in the United States is crawling back to work after a 4-day holiday weekend). But as a once nomadic vagabond traversing the world consistently for a handful of years, staying put in one place (even if it’s as beautiful as San Francisco), simply makes things feel stagnant.

And, if your day-to-day living situations seem to be less than stellar (i.e. boring job, too many housemates, lack of travel money), the idea of a great escape seems absolutely necessary, yet not entirely plausible. Luckily we have music – Our vice and sonic vacay when we simply wanna be taken away. With that, I present to you the loveliest of new jams that have recently been taking me “way down to Kokomo” – Let’s go:

Museum Of Bellas Artes is an electro-pop 3 piece hailing from the depths of Stockholm, Sweden. The trio made waves back in 2009 with their cover of Sapphire’s, “Who Do You Love,”as well as their ripping hype-worthy singles, “Days Ahead” (including epic synthy flute sounds!) and “Watch the Glow” in 2010. At last, the trio will soon be releasing their full-length debut album September 23 via Best Fit Recordings.

Their latest single, “Abyss,” which can be found on their forthcoming album is a dreamy, trance-inducing, and soulful gem worthy of serious repeat action. Stay tuned for their long-awaited debut:

Museum Of Bellas Artes – Abyss

Pick a band name, any band name! That’s the ‘name’ of the game for Bella Union‘s latest signed group: MONEY – Not exactly easy to find, but I suppose it’s better than their previously chosen band names, “Youth,” and/or “Books.” The fresh Manchester-based quartet has produced less than a handful of sweeping, dreamy, breathtaking tracks, but they’re selling out shows in nano-seconds – Their hype is hot, just in time for a debut album due out late this summer. Have a listen, watch Money’s brand-new video for “Bluebell Fields,” and keep these fellas on your radar… before they change names again:

MoneyBluebell Fields

Mind Tree is the moniker of a 21 “year young” producer and undergrad music student based in Melbourne, Australia. According to his site, Mind Tree states that his music “has an empathic focus on beauty and nostalgia with a cinematic production style that revolves around delicately warm melodies and self recorded samples from special moments throughout my life.” Have a listen to the beauty below, a track that derives from the soundtrack to an “atmospheric, minimalistic” platform game, Element 4L – Interesting to say the least:

Mind Tree – Close Your Eyes So You Can See (Pretty Ghost Mix)

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