Breakout Bands You Shouldn’t Have Slept on Pt. 2: FUZZ + Melt Yourself Down + SALES + Jamaican Queens

Jamaican Queens

Jamaican Queens. Photo by: Gretchen Robinette

If you didn’t see part one of this post, you may be sleeping on more than just bands. Wake up, my friend! But, hey, I’ll give you an out… this time. This series (which could be endless, really) covers various new and amazing bands you may not have given a listen at first sign of momentum, ‘cus you know, you were listening to other amazing bands and stuff. Anyway, ain’t no thang, you’re here now. So let’s get listening:

Say, you’re a fan of the beloved Bay Area “garage punk prodigy” Ty Segall? Well, lucky you, he has a rockin’ psychedelic project called, FUZZ, alongside his guitarist Charlie Moothart and Roland Cosio. FUZZ is loud, yet dreamy, and feeds your need for some serious rock and guitar riffs. Plus, you get to experience Segall on drums, and he’s unsurprisingly good. Apparently the trio tried to remain anonymous, yet Segall’s recognizable vocals, and a mention in a SPIN Magazine interview linked Segall and FUZZ to the masses. They released a self-titled debut album this year via Trouble in Mind Records, which received an agreeable review from Pitchfork.

FUZZ – What’s in My Head?

FUZZ – FUZZ’s Fourth Dream

Wow, Melt Yourself Down takes music to a righteous level. It’s an explosion of sounds, beats and genres of music that somehow work perfectly together. The London, UK-based group combines, Jazz, punk, Afrobeats, heavy brass, and some seriously fiery funk that makes you wanna get up and dance for days. The group released their first single in 2012 and have picked up major momentum in 2013 while releasing a fun and infectious self-titled debut album. Have a listen:

Melt Yourself Down – We Are Enough

SALES is a new Orlando, Florida-based project composed of Jordan Shih and Lauren Morgan. Sales’ sound is a fusion of wistful lo-fi and indie-folk, all of which can be found on a 7″ they released this year. The duo, particularly with their addicting and beautiful track, “Renee,” has charmed music lovers thus far and people are eager to hear more. Enjoy:

SALES – Renee

Jamaican Queens is an interesting “trap-pop” four-piece out of Detroit, MI. They self-released a debut album, Wormfood this year, which is composed of catchy pop hooks, dancey hip-hop beats and brutal lyrics, all of which makes them so intriguing. Looking forward to hearing more from this eclectic group:

Jamaican Queens – Water

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