Listen & Download NEW Ricky Eat Acid LP: Three Love Songs

Ricky Eat AcidThere’s nothing quite like listening to depressing music when you’re utterly depressed, am I right? Sometimes you just need to brood deep down in the depths of your sadness and certain music allows you drift, soak and immerse yourself in those dark murky waters to the point where you feel strangely comforted. Now Ricky Eat Acid‘s recently released LP, Three Love Songs (via Orchid Tapes) isn’t all sobs and sorrow. It’s beautiful, calming, intriguing, alluring, unique but certainly swirls around topics like heartbreak and loss – the perfect melancholic music.

In a recent interview with Vice, Maryland-hailing Sam Ray, the 22-year-old behind the moniker Ricky Eat Acid, had quite a lot to say about who he thought would/should be listening to his music, “I would hope that cool, chill people listen to it, but I guess we’ll see. Maybe like, alt dads. Or really fucking depressed single moms.” Regardless, the album is an interesting journey from each song to the next. Songs like, “it will draw me over to it like it always does,” grow and progress into immensely beautiful compilations filling your need for tracks to ache to. psst… there’s a free download of the whole thing, too! Now, that’s not so sad. Enjoy:

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