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Scream! New Black Ice Cream: Helado Negro – Island Universe Story 2 EP

Helado Negro

Photo by Daniel Dorsa as featured on PORTALS music blog.

Roberto Carlos Lange aka Helado Negro is one of the most magnetic and magical performers to see live. There’s nothing crazy or outlandish about his sets, but his voice is whimsical and romantic and his eclectic, ambient, electric beach jams from space have a way of moving your hips and locking you into a cloud of dreamy musical bliss.

Helado Negro‘s 2013 LP, Invisible Life has been a serious staple of constant listening pleasure since its release in March. As luck would have it, Lange has been hard at work and recently released his latest EP, Island Universe Story Two (which you can buy here, and on cassette!) via Asthmatic Kitty Records. At the beginning of August, Lange tweeted out a list of 50+ artists and songs, all of which were apparent influences when creating the EP, some of which include Stevie Wonder, Ice-T and… Eddie Murphy? Interesting choices, especially after you have a listen. The new EP is full of crazy beats, exotic synth and fuzzy, dreamy vocals that’ll make you scream for more Helado Negro aka black ice cream.

Stream Helado Negro‘s new EP on Bandcamp or Spotify and be sure to catch the man in action. He’s currently on tour along with Javelin, Spiritualized, the Breeders, John Cale, Big Boi, Suuns and The High Highs.

Helado Negro – We Will You

Helado Negro –  Enters

For all you recording and sound engineering aficionados, here’s a mini documentary by Weathervane Music showing behind-the-scenes footage of producing/recording a Helado Negro song. (Watch even more videos from this recording here).

Fresh New Track: Helado Negro – Dance Ghost + Introducing: Ombre

Helado NegroThank you Helado Negro for this fresh new track! “Dance Ghost” is the latest release by the folk aficionado turned ambient, experimental, electro artist, Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro). It’s a sinfully synthy track with smooth, cooing, delicate vocals, enticing, blippy beats and is a beauty of a burner that can easily be set on repeat. “Dance Ghost” has been a savior from the year-end music slump, which is typically plagued with never ending year-end lists:

The single can be found on Helado Negro‘s forthcoming album, Invisible Life, due March, 3, 2013 via Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Oh, but we’re not done yet. Roberto Lange has been a busy man, as he’s also one half of the new and beautiful ambient dream-pop collaboration project, Ombre, with Julianna BarwickOmbre released their first LP, Believe You Me, at the end of August, 2012 – A little late on the intro here, but might as well since we’re on the Roberto Lange train. Stream Ombre‘s album on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Now, have a listen to both Helado Negro and Ombre:

Helado Negro – Dance Ghost

Ombre – Cara Falsa