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Grimes + Charli XCX – An Electro-Pop Songstress Homage

Just yesterday, V Magazine released a stunning cover alongside interviews with three fabulous femme fetale “It” girls in indie, experimental & electro-pop music: Grimes, Charli XCX and Sky Ferreiera. Each of them were interviewed by Elton John, Genesis Breyer P-Orrifge, and Geri Halliwell – Are you fucking kidding me? Who came up w/this ridiculously amazing combination? You can read all three full-length interviews here. The cover soon inspired me to pay homage to Grimes & Charli XCX (sorry Sky) – two of my fav female musicians “on the verge” of total pop stardom.

Claire Boucher aka Grimes shouldn’t be news to you (apologies for assuming – if she is news to you – catch up on your shit! hah). Her latest side projects and/or collaboration(s) might be though. I swear, in every interview I watch of Claire, she seems to be involved in some sort of failed romance with an electro-bro obsessed w/K-pop, who most likely opened for her last show and/or is a fellow Canadian bff. Either way, Claire makes fresh music with these homies too, which is just fine for us because – in typical Grimes fashion – it’s always amazing:

Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes – Phone Sex

L$D – Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch feat. Kreayshawn, Tragik, Grimes & Blood Diamonds

This one’s trippy, industrial and really fucking catchy after the 3rd time. Apparently (and/or obviously?) the song was made in 10 mins, and Grimes produced the video in an hour. Best part: Grimes screeching into a red and black polka dot print phone. ENJOY:

Charli XCX, (Kiss Charli Kiss), the brit goth-pop songstress just recently released her new EP, You’re the One and this is her video premier (via Gorilla vs.Bear):

Charli XCX – You’re the One

This is my all-time favorite Charli XCX song AND video – also recently released on her new EP. The goth-pop jam explodes with synth-tastic-ness and it’ll stay in your head for days. No complaints!

Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons