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Braaaaaains! Courtesy of Lower Dens

This just in: Everyone’s losing their f**king minds + an amazing song/album you need to hear.

There have been two cases of cannibalism in the news this week:

1) Rudy Eugene, the “Miami Zombie” who chewed and ate the face of some homeless bro on a causeway; all while nude and high on bath salts.

2) Alexander Kinyua, the Maryland college student who just murdered, then ate the heart and brain of his roomie.

I find this all very fitting being that my latest addiction from the recently released (May 1st) Lower Dens album, Nootropics, is the song Brains. (Psst. the entire album is on Spotify). Lower Dens frontwoman, Jana Hunter, does look slightly zombie-esque and/or deranged in this Brains video, all the the while dreamily singing, “Don’t be afraid” and smugly smiling to herself. Well played.

So whether you’re amused, horrified and/or disgusted by the seemingly approaching Zombie apocalypse, listen to this enchanting dream-pop, shoe-gaze, indie rock song, and you too will have brains on the… brain (just not in your mouth please!).

Lower Dens – Brains: