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Pure Experimental Genius! Listen to New Album: K-X-P – II

k-x-p IIIs anyone else obsessing over K-X-P‘s recently released sophomore album, II? If not, you should be. Songs like, “Magnetic North,” and “Easy (Infinity Waits)” are pure experimental genius. The dark, rhythmic, psychedelic, disco grooves of each song easily place you under a blissful electro-hinged spell. The occasional bursts of children cheering and monkeys calling are simply the cherry on top of such sweet and sickeningly addicting sounds.

K-X-P, the Finnish, sometimes trio, hailing from Helsinki consists of, as explained on their Facebook page: “Timo Kaukolampi (electronics, vocals and the ‘K’), Tuomo Puranen (bass, keyboards and the ‘P’), and alternating drummers (the ‘X’ – for the mystery) Tomi Leppanen and, in the studio and on rare occasions live, Anssi Nykänen.”

The self-proclaimed “original-electronic-motorhead-space-trance-spiritual-rock-meditation-freejazz-Godz” made their debut back in 2010, but slightly under the radar. However, the boys are back with a vengeance with the release of II earlier this month via Melodic Records (UK) and Manimal & French Kiss (US).

Stream their entire album on Spotify, or find ’em on SoundCloud. I’ve also included a video below in which K-X-P paired a sampling of “Magnetic North” to Finnish footage of a rejected anti-drunk driving television ad from 1986. It was deemed “too fun” to actually be effective. Enjoy:

K-X-P – Easy (Infinity Waits)

K-X-P – Magnetic North