New Funky Fresh Jam: Javelin – Nnormal

Javelin - Hi BeamsAs corny as it may sound, I have this tremendously special place in my heart for Javelin, hence, when I see a new track release (i.e. “Nnormal“), I’m filled with complete and utter glee.

In 2009, I had stumbled upon Javelin and was immediately blown away by how fresh and unique their tracks were. I searched everywhere for their music and really only came across their Myspace page… ‘cus you know, people used Myspace back then. I contacted the Brooklyn-hailing cousins, George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk, and asked how I could get my hands on their ridiculously addicting sounds. Tom replied, “Thanks for asking! You could paypal us and we’ll send you a folder of mp3s. What do you think??” I wound up paypalling $7 and was graciously given (what then consisted of) four album/EPs worth of Javelin jamz (2009’s LP Jamz n Jemz, 2010’s LP, No Mas, 2012’s EP1 and EP2). This is why I’ll forever love and be an avid Javelin fan, aside from the fact that their sound is funkier than most.

Nnormal” is Javelin‘s latest release from their forthcoming album, Hi Beams, out March 5th via Luaka Bop:

Javelin – Nnormal

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