Je l’adore! Meet New Parisian Psych-Rock-Pop Project: Moodoïd

MoodoidAh, new eclectic and electric discoveries are simply the best! I recently and delightfully came across the Parisian psychedelic project, Moodoïd, and je l’adore! Listen and read why:

Moodoïd‘s frontman is no stranger to psychedelic-pop. Multi-instrumentalist, Pablo Padovani is the touring guitarist in the lovely Melody’s Echo Chamber. And, Melody Prochet’s producer and boyfriend, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker also produced Moodoïd’s self-titled EP, which was released in September via Entreprise. Sharing is caring.

So not only does Moodoïd consist of and is produced by psychedelic darlings in the music realm,  their music is an irresistible flurry of dreamy vocals, beautiful melodies, trippy synth and keys, fuzzy guitar, and smashing percussion. Even better? They recently released a cover of “Falling” by Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti AKA the theme song to David Lynch’s late ’80s serial drama, Twin Peaks (listen below). Freak out!

Have a listen to Moodoïd’s self-titled EP below, watch their intriguing and splendidly bizarro interpretive art music video for “Je suis la Montagne and anxiously await with me for their forthcoming album.

Moodoïd debut EP

Moodoïd – Tomber (Twin Peaks theme song)

Moodoïd – Je suis la Montagne

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