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Meet NEW Hype-Worthy Swedish Electro-Pop Group: Kate Boy

Kate BoyThe Swedes are insanely talented music producing masters and they’re especially synonymous with eclectic electro. From The Knife, to iamamiwhoami, jj, Little Dragon, Niki & The Dove, The Sound of Arrows, even Robyn (and don’t you even try to forget) Ace of Base, addictive electro-pop music is a Swedish forte.

This month, we get to add yet another talented Swedish act to the electro-pop pool: Kate Boy. With just one strong song, “Northern Lights,” Kate Boy thrusts us into nostalgia for The Knife, and in doing so, has quickly topped music blog charts. If the mysterious (supposed 3 parts Swedish, 1 part Aussie) group continues to produce synth superbness, they’re steadfast to becoming electro super stars.

With a bouncing, dark, ambient beat, metallic synth and righteous vocals, listen to Kate Boy‘s debut track, “Northern Lights” and stay tuned:

Kate Boy – Northern Lights

NEW 80s Synth-Pop Side Project: Yacht Club

Yacht ClubI find it amusing, surprising, and equally awesome that a band member (Ben Cook), from a hardcore punk group, (Fucked Up) can completely switch modes and successfully produce smooth 80s inspired synth-pop jams. The result: Yacht Club.

The new Toronto-based side project of two has released a mixtape, Nonnavera, a slew of tracks including “Tropicana,” and “Flash” on Pretty Pretty, Burger, and soon a “cute little perverted song with hopefully a cute little perverted music video,” via Daps Records. Their latest release, “Fail to Cry” is the most addictive of the lot, and may possibly be part of a forthcoming mixtape – We can only hope!

Keep the 80s alive and Yacht Club on your radar with a follow and a listen on Facebook and bandcamp.

Yacht Club – Fail to Cry

Yacht Club – Tropicana

Yacht Club – Flash

New Acoustic + Video: Trust – Sulk


Robert Alfons aka Trust (as featured in Loud and Quiet Magazine)

If you didn’t think Robert Alfons, the Toronto hailing electro-goth synth-pop God (aka Trust), could get any more talented, he busts out an acoustic piano version of his beloved track, “Sulk.” The kaleidoscope-esque video, directed by Petra Collins, displays Alfons’ raw talent and beauty as a musician. The acoustic version of “Sulk” adds layers of delicateness to Trust‘s expected and addictive “drug-sick” lurching electro-goth that typically oozes with sex and synth.

Trust (sometimes a two-piece with Maya Postepski of Austra) has had quite a year. They released a debut album (and one of the best of 2012), TRST, and an EP, Dressed for Space. Having finished a whirlwind tour with Yeasayer, and a headlining tour in Europe, Trust is now currently on tour supporting The Faint (which I personally think it should be the other way around).

Watch and listen to Trust‘s acoustic version of “Sulk” now:

Trust – Sulk [Piano Version]

NEW Track + Video: Holobody – Ninnyhammer

Holobody - NinnyhammerHolobody, the young Montreal hailing shoegaze pop siblings, Luke & Charlotte Loseth have released yet another dreamy, swirling, psychedelic synth-pop gem, “Ninnyhammer,” via Bad Panda Records. The brother/sister combo who refer to themselves by their pseudo names: Felix Green and Sea Oleena aren’t new to coco stereo, and their sound continuously becomes more infectious with each release.

Following a debut album, Riverhoodreleased in May of this year, Ninnyhammer is a debut single from Holobody‘s forthcoming EP titled, MTL (out Dec. 6, 2012). Have a listen to the radiant new release and watch the video below:

Holobody – Ninnyhammer


New Dreamy Synth-Pop Side Project! Meet: Limited

LimitedOkay, wait. I have to get something out of the way first… I’m kind of amused by the number of people who Google the word “jizz” every day, and therefore receive coco stereo in their search results. This of course is all thanks to the goofy crooner, Mac DeMarco and his self-proclaimed “Jizz Jazz” music that I so obsessively like to write about. I suppose if I stopped writing “jizz” so many times in my posts (this one’s already a doozy), I’d have less jizz-loving Googlers looking for a good time. So, If you happen to stumble upon coco stereo after Googling the word “jizz,” 1) That’s hilarious, interesting and kind of gross, and 2) I hope you enjoy the music! (sorry there aren’t any actual jizz related pics/videos on here for you… maybe later?)

Now onto new music…

Limited (LTD) is a new dreamy, 80s vibing, synth-pop side project from Alex Craig of Big Troubles. The New Jersey native’s boyish vocals mixed with “noise-gaze” guitar layers and bursts of synth are exquisitely addictive. Limited (which performs as a three-piece live) recently released a 7″ via New Images – A label created and run by Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Real Estate. The 7-inch includes two tracks, “New Day Rising,” (which I’ve been obsessively playing since first listen), and “You Must Be Dreaming.” While you wait in anticipation for even more synth-pop superbness, give Limited a listen, stalk or follow on BandcampTumblr, or Twitter.

Limited – New Day Rising

Limited – You Must Be Dreaming

New Chromatics + Video – Looking for Love

After Dark IIEarlier this year, Portland, Oregon based Chromatics could Kill for Love, yet apparently, they’re still looking for it… I think they’ll certainly find it fast, (especially front woman and sex kitten, Ruth Radelet), as their latest video and track, “Looking for Love,” is a beauty of lusty, electro synth-pop proportions.

Looking for Love” (originally 17 mins long!) is featured on After Dark II, a sequel compilation album by artists on the New Jersey-based Italians Do It Better record label.

Chromatics were also asked by Karl Lagerfeld (Creative director and head designer for Chanel) to play at the Chanel Pret-A-Porter Printemps-Ete 2013 Runway, in Paris, France – Oh la la. As a result, the vintage-esque “Looking for Love” video (directed by Alberto Rossini) shows behind-the-scenes footage, shots of Karl Lagerfeld, and the Chromatics playing at the fashion show that took place in early October.

After Dark II will be “out soon,” so until then, check out the set list, and watch/listen to “Looking for Love” over, and over, and over, just as the song implies:

Chromatics – “Looking for Love”

Thank God! New Jam/Album from Born Gold – Sky Bicycle

Born Gold - Sky BicycleHow long have we been waiting for new jams from this guy?! SO LONG (3 years to be exact). Thankfully, the wild-red-headed Canadian, Cecil Frena, aka Born Gold (formerly known as Gobble Gobble, which included members of the now Purity Ring) has gotten his gear in motion and is gracing us with new electro “hyper-hop” jams.

Little known fact: I was attending a Grimes show and prior to Claire’s performance, a perplexing opening act toyed the audience with interpretive dances, bizarro outfits and a finale that blanketed the crowd in some sort of parachute, all while playing Gobble Gobble covers. “What the f*** is this?!” I thought. “…and why are they playing my fav Gobble Gobble jams?” With a quick search on the ole iPhone, I soon hilariously discovered this wasn’t a whacko Gobble Gobble cover band, but the actual band (of one) playing by its new name: Born Gold. In conclusion, go see Born Gold play (for a weird time… wink, wink), and be prepared for oddities + a whole lot of amazing electro synth-pop.

With that, I am ecstatic to say that Born Gold will soon release a brand spankin’ and highly anticipated new album, Little Sleepwalker, on October 23 via Audraglint. Here is the first single, “Sky Bicycle.”

Born Gold – Sky Bicycle