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Must-See Acts at SXSW 2013

must-see bands at sxsw 2013The anticipation and chaos for this year’s SXSW music fest in Austin, Texas (March 12th-17th) continues to grow at great lengths. The amount of parties, new bands added, RSVPs, lineups and showcases consistently flow in at alarming rates; and it certainly isn’t over yet. The increasing excitement is contagious and overwhelming, especially when you envision just how much amazing music (and people; 60K to be exact) will embark upon the Tejas capital, and all at once.

To contribute to the ever-growing hype, here is a compilation of (40+) absolute must-see acts/bands at this year’s SXSW. Granted, no one’s ever gonna see ’em all (one can only hope!), so these top 6 absolute must-sees are ones you should seriously kick yourself if missed:

1. Mozart’s Sister
2. Autre Ne Veut
3. Doldrums
4. Empress Of
5. Chvrches

p.s. coco stereo will be representin’ in full force at SXSW, March 7th-16th – Let’s get our dance on together!

Angel Haze vs. Azealia Banks – The Cat Fight Track Smackdown

Angel Haze

Angel Haze

Azealia Banks and Angel Haze are in the midst of a full-blown bitch fight? Well, duh. Who didn’t anticipate this ticking time bomb of tension to explode at any given notice? The igniting factor? A passive aggressive tweet, of course.

As BrooklynVegan pointed out, “Azealia Banks tweeted, ‘Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY…. DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER.’ Angel Haze apparently took this to be a direct shot at her and her track “New York” and a Twitter fight ensued.” To add fuel to the fire, Perez Hilton thrust himself into the tweet rage, and Banks called him a F****t. Woah.

Regardless of the (still continuing!) saga, we all get to enjoy the “bitch!” name calling fest in the form of a fresh track smackdown. How long will the cat fight ensue, and who will win this epic battle of rebuttals? You decide:

Azealia Banks – No Problems