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Breakout Bands You Shouldn’t Have Slept on Pt. 2: FUZZ + Melt Yourself Down + SALES + Jamaican Queens

Jamaican Queens

Jamaican Queens. Photo by: Gretchen Robinette

If you didn’t see part one of this post, you may be sleeping on more than just bands. Wake up, my friend! But, hey, I’ll give you an out… this time. This series (which could be endless, really) covers various new and amazing bands you may not have given a listen at first sign of momentum, ‘cus you know, you were listening to other amazing bands and stuff. Anyway, ain’t no thang, you’re here now. So let’s get listening:

Say, you’re a fan of the beloved Bay Area “garage punk prodigy” Ty Segall? Well, lucky you, he has a rockin’ psychedelic project called, FUZZ, alongside his guitarist Charlie Moothart and Roland Cosio. FUZZ is loud, yet dreamy, and feeds your need for some serious rock and guitar riffs. Plus, you get to experience Segall on drums, and he’s unsurprisingly good. Apparently the trio tried to remain anonymous, yet Segall’s recognizable vocals, and a mention in a SPIN Magazine interview linked Segall and FUZZ to the masses. They released a self-titled debut album this year via Trouble in Mind Records, which received an agreeable review from Pitchfork.

FUZZ – What’s in My Head?

FUZZ – FUZZ’s Fourth Dream

Wow, Melt Yourself Down takes music to a righteous level. It’s an explosion of sounds, beats and genres of music that somehow work perfectly together. The London, UK-based group combines, Jazz, punk, Afrobeats, heavy brass, and some seriously fiery funk that makes you wanna get up and dance for days. The group released their first single in 2012 and have picked up major momentum in 2013 while releasing a fun and infectious self-titled debut album. Have a listen:

Melt Yourself Down – We Are Enough

SALES is a new Orlando, Florida-based project composed of Jordan Shih and Lauren Morgan. Sales’ sound is a fusion of wistful lo-fi and indie-folk, all of which can be found on a 7″ they released this year. The duo, particularly with their addicting and beautiful track, “Renee,” has charmed music lovers thus far and people are eager to hear more. Enjoy:

SALES – Renee

Jamaican Queens is an interesting “trap-pop” four-piece out of Detroit, MI. They self-released a debut album, Wormfood this year, which is composed of catchy pop hooks, dancey hip-hop beats and brutal lyrics, all of which makes them so intriguing. Looking forward to hearing more from this eclectic group:

Jamaican Queens – Water

Hype-Worthy! New Psychedelic Brit-Rock Jam: Temples – Mesmerise

Temples - Sun StructuresOoh baby, ooh baby. A quad of Brit rockers with beautiful shaggy hair who play amazingly catchy psychedelic jams? Sign me up! Temples, the UK hailing psychedelic four-piece, channeling The Byrds and giving Tame Impala some serious competition has just released, “Mesmerise.” The track is the first single from their forthcoming debut album, Sun Structures, due out February 10/11 via Heavenly Recordings & Fat Possum (Jackson Scott, Band of Horses, Youth Lagoon).

According to their bio, in the summer of 2012, bassist, Tom Warmsley and singer/guitarist, James Bagshaw were recent college graduates attempting to look for work, not really knowing what to do w/themselves, so they wrote, played and recorded music at home. In July of that same year, they recorded, “Shelter Song,” threw it on the internet, and it virally caught the ears and stole the hearts of many. Warmsley and Bagshaw suddenly found themselves signed with Heavenly Recordings. Though not really a full band at that time, Warmsley and Bagshaw recruited drummer, Sam Toms and keyboard player, Adam Smith. A year later Temples shared the bill with The Rolling Stones at London’s Hyde Park. From then on, the sky has been the limit for these hazy 12-string psych-rockers with beautiful heads of hair.

While we all eagerly await Temples‘ highly anticipated album, give ’em a listen below, on SoundCloud and follow along on Facebook.

Temples – Mesmerise

Temples – Shelter Song

Temples – Colours to Life

Hype-Worthy! Meet Dream Pop, Post-Punk Duo: Iska Dhaaf

Iska DhaafHappiness… a feeling, conquest, goal, that everyone painfully strives for each day, yet it sometimes seems just out of reach. “Happiness, it’s just around the corner. Taste it. I want to taste it. I want to taste it ’til i’m wasted.” These are lyrics to the rapidly rising, Seattle-hailing dream pop, post-punk duo, Iska Dhaaf‘s recent single, “Happiness.” The track is dreamy, heartbreaking, and touches on the very real desires yet realities most people struggle with on a daily basis. So who are these musical talents known as Iska Dhaaf, and what do they know about happiness, or the lack thereof?

Iska Dhaaf, which loosely translates to “Let it go” in Somali, is the moniker for Nathan Quiroga & Benjamin Verdoes. According to this article in Seattle Weekly, Verdoes was a former bilingual teacher located in a largely Somali neighborhood and began studying the language. “… I just fell in love with the sound of it; the words will get stuck in my head like songs do.”

Both Verdoes and Quiroga come from vastly different musical backgrounds prior to Iska Dhaff. Nathan Quiroga (vocals/guitar) was previously known as Buffalo Madonna in a crew of notorious electro “hip-hop hedonists” called, Mad Rad. They essentially wreaked havoc, created debauchery, landed themselves in jail and were banned from more than five Seattle venues.

Benjamin Verdoes (drums/synths/backup vocals) previously played in a more likely to envision indie rock group, the Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, and toured with various big band names like Japandroids and Cursive.

Together, the two make raw, honest, emotionally driven music, all of which attributes to their up-and-coming success. Have a listen to both of their recently released singles, and watch the brand new video for “Happiness.”  Also, give ’em a follow and a listen on Facebook or Bandcamp.

Iska Dhaaf – Happiness

Iska Dhaaf – Rumi

FUNKY! Listen to New: Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough + Chamakay

Blood Orange

Blood Orange. Photo by Stacey Mark

Y’all, let’s get funkaay. And, that’s exactly what I’m doing with Blood Orange‘s latest release, “You’re Not Good Enough.” It’s deliciously smooth, upbeat, addictive, funktastic and heart jabbing. Some are even comparing the jam to Prince, thee man, himself. With lyrics like “I never was in love. You know you were never good enough,” it’s hard to imagine a track could be so easy to get down to. However, Devonté Hynes, the man behind the BO band never fails to produce a pop hit. He’s written for Florence and the Machine, Solange, Sky Ferreira, Kylie Minogue and is currently working with Brittany Spears on her upcoming album, after all.

You’re Not Good Enough” featuring Samantha Urbani on vocals, swiftly follows Blood Orange‘s recent release of “Chamakay,” both of which will be featured on his highly anticipated forthcoming album, Cupid Deluxe due out November 18th. We’ve all been dying to hear the new album, so join me in this mini celebration of pre-LP-release by listening to the pure funk that Blood Orange exudes:

Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough

Blood Orange – Chamakay

Hype-Worthy! Listen to New Brooklyn Band’s Self-Titled EP: Wet

WetWet is a new up-and-coming Brooklyn-based trio creating some steady hubbub in the music blogosphere. They’re producing ridiculously catchy, beautiful and refreshing pop songs (with heavy themes) at a consistent rate. Today, their self-titled EP is officially out (stream below), which has been a bright and sparkling joy in my listening life as of late.

The band just joined Neon Gold Records (Ellie Goulding, Haim, HAERTS, , etc.) and any fans of say, MS MR, Ellie Goulding, Haim, and maybe even Purity Ring will get a definite kick outta Wet.

If you’re gallivanting through the madness at CMJ Music Marathon in NYC this week, Wet is playing tonight (10/15) at the Bowery Ballroom, The Fader Fort at Converse Rubber Tracks, as well as the Santos Party House for Neon Gold’s Showcase (with HEARTS) on Thursday, 10/17, and Baby’s All Right on Friday, 10/18.

Stream Wet‘s self-titled EP below, on SoundCloud, BandCamp, or better yet, purchase it on vinyl.

NEW Track + Video for Mysterious Buzzband: Pale – Fearing Faces

PalePale, the mysterious, semi-somber, electro-poppin’ London-based duo who, up until this point have kept their faces in the shadows, recently and appropriately released a new track, “Fearing Faces” complete with a video (showing you guessed it, face!).

Over the last 9 months or so since Pale‘s emergence, the two have released a handful of tracks, all which have launched major curiosity and buzz amongst bloggers and music lovers alike. Pale is apparently headlining their first show in Paris and London, August 28-29th.

Keep up with Pale on Facebook, SoundCloud and/or Twitter and enjoy putting a face to their addicting sound in the video for “Fearing Faces.”

Hype-Worthy! Fresh NEW Indie-Rock Video: The Holidays – Voices Drifting

The HolidaysThe Holidays is a 4-piece indie-rock group hailing from the depths of Sydney, OZ. The group released their debut album, Post Paradise, in 2010, which thrust them into the indie-rock limelight, donning them with a plethora of positive reviews, nominations and awards. However, the second time around, frontman Simon Jones didn’t want to write another record containing the same sound as their successful debut. In an attempt to write The Holidays‘ second album, (due out sometime in early 2014) Jones told the Herald Sun, “I nearly went mad, I went to Tokyo to recalibrate and find a new sound,” he says. “I loved the sound of the Lost in Translation soundtrack, that’s why I went there. It was a mass of humanity and I was amongst millions of people I couldn’t really speak to. That helped with finding the new sound.”

The Holidays‘ latest and recently released track, “Voices Drifting” is indicative and a first glimpse into the group’s new groove – one that’s already creating big buzz amongst the blogosphere. “It’s a combination of disparate elements, blankets of fuzz, really ethereal pretty sounds, choir voices, angelic female voices, it’s heavy but it’s not,” says Jones. “It would have been too easy to do another summery bongos record. I like making life hard.”

Luckily for us, The Holidays also just released their official video for the addictive rock song, “Voices Drifting,” one in which Jones nearly drowned in an attempt to make the video in one take. “The idea was that I would perform the song underwater in one breath, but if I couldn’t last the duration the concept kinda falls apart – so the pressure was on. I spent weeks practicing by slowing down my heart rate and singing the song with my head in a bucket of water. We shot about 15 aborted takes and it was getting very frustrating for everybody, in the end I resolved to stay under even if I ran out of breath, you might be able to see this happens at the end of the 2nd verse… it was extremely uncomfortable but I didn’t drown, we got one full take and that’s the clip!” says Jones. Enjoy!